Lee Min Ho Acciedent

(Korean: 이민호) (born in Seoul, South Korea, June 22, 1987, age 22 years) is a South Korean actor. He serves as Gu Jun Pyo in the television series Boys Over Flowers. He also played in several other films like But I Do not Know It and I Am Sam Either. Through the film Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min Ho has become a very famous artist. Youngest of two brothers expressed his pleasure for having succeeded in making the movie Boys Over Flowers successful in the market. But according to him, his acting in the film is not maximized. Because it is a running chase filming, which makes it less able to memdalami character with a maximum. Actually, when casting, Lee Min Ho is not the first person chosen to play the role of Gu Jun Pyo, but after seeing her hair in curls, producer Lee Min Ho was more worthy of playing Gu Jun Pyo.
In 2006, Lee Min Ho had suffered a car accident, which makes quite a serious leg injury. Her right leg should be inserted metal plates to shore up his body. But in June of 2009, the iron plate has been removed from his body. Now Lee can be said to have fully recovered.

In Monday, June 13, 2011. The incident happened again when Lee Min Ho is undergoing a driving scene in City Hunter series, and his vision impaired by light from the strobe light filming equipment. Then the car is boarded by Lee Min-ho hit a truck that serves for watering plants around the city.
The management of the famous actor thanks to Boys Over Flowers drama provides an explanation. "Today, the 13th at around 3:30 pm, had an accident that caused damage in parts of the vehicle when the shooting near Lake City Hunter in Ilsan, Kyeonggi-do. Although the air bag explode hard because of the accident and the front of the car were severely damaged , Lee Min-ho fortunately not suffered a serious accident.
Min-ho's survival was a miracle if you view the total damage to the car that was released yesterday. But one film crew who were also in the car when the accident is still undergoing treatment at the hospital since suffering serious injuries.
After the accident, the handsome actor was immediately rushed to the emergency room at a nearby hospital. "He'd gone home for a break at around 06.00 pm after making sure the test results showed he was not hurt great. Filming this drama is stopped and it goes directly dependent development of the situation," said the lankyactor's representatives.
Drama producer City Hunter, Kim Young Seop, said, "The continuation of the process of filming it depends on the condition Min-ho. The scene after the car takes aboutseven to eight minutes. However, this incident will not change showtimes this week."This is because they still have some left over scenes that have not aired.

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