Keira knightley Hairstyle 2011

Sleek, neat and stylish! Fringe-free, this haircut lets Keira’s glamorous features do all the talking. The soft and wispy sides falling over the jaw line with curved ends hide squareness and frame her face beautifully, and a sharp center part brings out chic, fashion-front effect. This is the right medium haircut that suits and compliments a square face perfectly.

Keira Knightley Hairstyles 2011

If you are fan of “Iron Man 2? actress Scarlett Johansson then how about getting into her style by getting inspired by Scarlett Johansson short hairstyle (given above). Getting into this hairstyle is easy. Just go for layered short haircut, part down the middle and flaunt a fresh new look.

Get inspired by 2010 celebrity short hairstyles and replace your dull locks with a brand new do for 2011. You can go for bob haircut, short straight cut, short cut with bangs, fauxhawk, short wavy cut, pixie cut, short curls and many more. One of the most gorgeous and beautiful short hairstyle of 2010 is Keira Knightley bob cut that was spotted at Chanel Spring 2011 fashion show. Keira Knightley short hairstyle is great for an elegant look.

Keira Knightley dress was so feminine and cute for the event. Talking about Keira Knightley’s red carpet hairstyle, she again rocked a short haircut and looked sexy like hell. Keira Knightley short haircut bring out her round, beautiful face and made her look stand out from rest.

Keira wore this medieval-inspired medium haircut to the premiere of 'King Arthur' in 2004, which is not so flattering. The wispy bangs are better than the blunt version above, but the extra volume of curls at the chin length creates width and draw attention to the jaw area, making her square face shape look even squarer. This haircut should be avoided for a square face.

Oops! Keira Knightley went wrong with this messy wavy bob. Messy locks create extra volume on both sides in the area around the ears, which already makes this look dull, while a sudden, even trim at the length of the jawline only accentuates the squareness. Definitely the wrong cut for square face shapes.

This haircut might remind you of Julie Christie in ‘Doctor Zhivago’ but it actually doesn’t work for Keira Knightley. The blunt bangs covering the whole forehead outstage the shine of the eyes while the flat locks on both sides reveal her sharp jawline, making the face look shorter, very square and angular. Heavy and solid, this is a typical example of the wrong cut for the square face shape.

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  1. Picture 1 and 7 are the same haircut with one positive review and one negative...


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