Christina Aguilera Son with Black eyes

Christina Aguilera have New Scandal about her son Max 3 year a looking bruise on his face. Christina Furiously Denies Allegations of Child Abuse. Any Report Stating Christina aguilera is a amazing mom. And Max is a active Boy and cute who loving and have a happy family. Christina was not present in the park when Max fell and hurt himself, so she do not know About the little Accident his son. Gossip outstanding stating christina get drunk and she hit her baby's face. but it's wrong, Max wasn't a victim of mommy's binge drinking. He just running in the park and through the park chasing squirrels, tripped on a rock, and fell on his face. Then he taken her son to doctor and was fine. Check photos About Christina aguilera son's black eyes. According to you..?

Christina Aguilera Kiss her son

Christina Aguilera And Son's

Christina Aguilera Son cute pose

Black Eyes Christina aguilera son's

Christina Covered her boy up with a blanket

Christina Aguilera amazing mom

Chistina Aguilera and Son's so Happy


Christina Aguilera and her son Max

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