Shakira in Hijab

Shakira NudeShakira (born Feb. 2, 1977) is a popular Colombian singer who successfully made the jump to the American music scene. She's won two Grammy Awards and 8 Latin Grammy awards. She is also the first Colombian to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Look so Beautiful Shakira in Hijab

During Shakira's tour in Morocco last month, Shakira made a trip to the markets of Marrakesh where she enjoyed the Moroccan sweets along with a glass of green tea.

What was interesting during her tour is the white scarf or hijab she put around her head; it's either it was her way to show respect to the Moroccans especially inside the souk where usually people are more attached to traditions ... or it was some sort of disguise so that people won't recognize her easily

Internationally known Columbian/Lebanese singer Shakira has documented her recent visit to Morocco by filming a video and posting it on her official website. In the video, Shakira is wearing a white Hijab, Islamic headdress, and walking the streets of the city of Marrakesh.

Shakira held a grand performance in Morocco at the Mawazeen Music Festival in the city of Rabat and was accompanied by her personal bodyguards throughout her trip.

During her visit, Shakira visited historical places and coffee shops, in addition to wearing traditional Moroccan costumes.

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