Tori Amos is female singer

Tori Amos is famous pianist, singer-songwriter and composerof American . She be known in the early 1990s was at the forefront of a number of female singer-songwriters. Tori is one of singer who use piano as their prime instrument and she is alternative rock performs ers. Tori have some singles album but the most success is "A Sorta Fairytale". Tori song revolve around about religion,sexuality and personal tragedy. Tori is so beautiful that she be one of the most Beautiful people in People Magazine at 1996.

Tori Amos Best Pianist

Best Wallpaper of Tori Amos

Tori Amos cute smile

Tori Amos Cose up Face

Tori Amos Black and White Photo

Tori Amos with Orange hair

Tori Amos hot pics

Tori Amos Cover Album

Tori amos  "A Sorta Fairytale"

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